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Delirium Onyx

delirium Entertainment is proud to announce our newest endeavor, delirium.tv (deTV). dETV will be the exclusive host of our hit web series Onyx along future delirium Entertainment produced content and other original programming. dETV is the perfect platform for Onyx viewers, to satisfy their craving for the continuation of many exciting storylines! Purchase a monthly subscription at $4.99 to get access to both seasons of this intoxicating drama.

On July 17th, 2017, Onyx Season 2 premieres and audiences can watch it from the comfort of your own homes! Cast it on Google Chrome or watch it on the run on your phone or tablet. For the next eight weeks, a new episode will broadcast exclusively on dETV. Subscribers will have access to behind the scenes footage, as well as trailers and an exclusive sneak peek of season three.

Why wait? Go now to delirium.tv (deTV)!

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