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It’s finally here, the long- awaited delirium TV has officially launched at delirium Entertainment. The much-anticipated entertainment service is your go to spot to view several of our original and up and coming productions. Right now, season one and two of Onyx, our most popular production, is currently being featured on deliriumTV.

Onyx is a riveting multi-cultural television series based around the Kennedy Sisters who are striving to protect their affluent family name. The fast-paced series is embedded with political scandal, steamy connections, and a drama filled story line that will keep you wanting more even after the last episode.

delirium TV is proud to present two brand new productions in January 2018. The start of Déjà Vu Entertainment magazine and a reality show hit series will kick off the new year. If you are into binge watching, or just want to grab an episode for quick entertainment make sure to check out delirium TV’s subscription service.

For only $39.99 a year you can access all the productions and features of delirium TV twenty-four hours a day. If a monthly subscription plan better meets your needs then delirium Entertainment also provides a subscription plan for only $4.99 per month. Proceed to delirium.vhx.tv/ to finalize your subscription or join our mailing list.

Here at delirium Entertainment, we are currently accepting content submissions to join the delirium family. By joining you will receive high quality services and highlighted exposure for your production. Services include the following: Direct marketing with delirium Entertainment backing, the ability for customers to rent or purchase your production, and the use of the delirium Entertainment online store for purchases of your production.

When you decide to join the delirium family you are guaranteed quarterly payout from your production’s rental and purchase orders. You will also receive two percent pay out for any subscriptions that your production brings to the delirium Entertainment site. By joining delirium Entertainment, you will receive quality exposure for your production, and a solid partnership between you and delirium Entertainment. Contact deliriument.com to submit your content.

Here at delirium Entertainment we are excited to have you as a fan and a potential partner. Make sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date with new shows, exciting announcements, and future event dates.

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