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We are Delirium

Who are We?

delirium Entertainment (dE) is a multi-faceted entertainment company that was formed to accomplish all of your entertainment media needs from project conception to distribution. Our goal is to create, produce, and distribute quality entertainment in multiple capacities. This includes television, film, internet content, and live stage performances. We want you to ask yourself, what can delirium Entertainment do for you?

Our History

delirium Entertainment was established in 1999 by De’Sean Lynette Roby in Austin, TX to initially serve as a self-publishing medium for urban young adult novels. In 2001, the company switched to live entertainment taking on two additional partners, Dana M. Sidle and Joely L. Wright. The company hosted a series of poetry events entitled Poetic Justice in conjunction with Daugherty Productions. dE further expanded its reach in 2008 by filming its flagship series, Onyx, a web-based episodic known for its intoxicating drama that has been captivating audiences ever since. In 2011, dE began to implement theatre into its diversification plans by staging its first play, Love Verses, allowing audiences to see what happens one night at a local poetry read. As the company continues to grow, we are expanding by creating new content, facilitating the development of new projects, and establishing an internet media platform to reach audiences across the globe.

Our Mission

delirium Entertainment’s mission is to create quality and diverse entertainment while providing a voice for those under represented in the industry. Our belief and focus is that everyone has a voice, and everyone has a unique story to tell. By working with other artists to create their vision and share that on a larger scale, we hope that effect will inspire, teach, and cultivate acceptance – where our passion and purpose exists.

Organizational Structure

Delirium Entertainment is formed as a Texas Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The corporate structure of the company will be based on the most advantageous tax structure relative to its operating plan. The following individuals can be identified as governing partners of the organization. De’Sean Roby, Dana Sidle, Joely Wright, Henry J. Smith, III., Mark Cunningham, Haja Scott, Beverly Reeves, Kathi McAdoo, Toni Goodman, Charryse Mitchell, Brent Wayne Sanders, Natasha and Melvin Bedford, Tanisha Flowers and Kyron M. Hayes. Possessing such an imaginative management team and staff, dE is comprised of creative individuals with strong backgrounds in arts development, performance, and/or training.

De’Sean Roby : Managing Partner/Creative Director

Dana Sidle: Educational Programming

Charryse Mitchell: Production/Development

Beverly Reeves: Event Coordinator/Community Liaison

Kathi McAdoo: Public Relations

Natasha Bedford: Web and Production Writer

Melvin Bedford: Operations Partner

Kyron M. Hayes: Sales

Brent Wayne Sanders: Marketing

Henry J. Smith, III: Talent Development

Tanisha Flowers: Production/Development

Toni Goodman: Talent Agent

Joely Wright: Account Manager

Mark D. Cunningham: Industry Consultant

Haja Scott: Business Consultant

DeShaun Johnson: Web Designer/Master